Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Story of a beautiful long hair girl from India

I just entered into the line along with my cousin sister who's behind me.I'm eagerly waiting for my turn to get the token at the token counter. Its really a thrilling experience for me to wait in that line. She is a chatter box n she is keep on talking n asking me so many questions. But all my mind is observing the 28 years old lady and I'm keenly observing her who is coming out of the cottage with a big smile on her face...... The most attractive thing in her that attracted me is her Head.Jus an hour I just saw her beside my room by brushing her lustrous long butt length hair.She is really gorgeous with such thick pride on her head. When I saw her she was combing her hair with the comb [as it was the last time to see such wonderful present on her head]. Her hair was a big asset for her n it makes her much more beautiful than ever. But those beautiful hairs are not on her head now. Even though she is looking damn beautiful than before. Her beautiful head with full of hairs are now shining due to the rays of the sun falling on her bald GUNDU. [She was thinking n saying to herself that "WOW what a wonderful GUNDU.This is the sight every HEADSHAVE fetisher wants to see n njy :) :)]. As she was observing her very keenly n njying the bald look of that lady the touch of her cousin made Banu tremble n she came to this world from her wonderful fetish world :P.

Hey sorry buddies till now I didnt say about me right. I'm Banu n my sweet nickname is Saru which is used to call by my sweet frnds n my family members. I jus completed my MBA.U know where I'm now?? Yes ur guess is right. I'm in Mini Kalyanakatta in Tirumala waiting in the line for the token with my long thick jet black hair tied in a loose knot at the back. Total of 4 ladies.Me(Saru), Sumathra(my cousin sis), My mom n my aunty. Sumathra completed her Intermediate n she is very good at studies n she got good rank n she s ready to join in an Reputed engineering college. In the queue, my mom n dad n after them I'm there n then Sumathra n aunty n uncle. 

Till now I gave intro about me n Sumathra, now I would like to say about the beautiful hairs on our heads n our hairstyles. First will let u know about my cousin sister Sumathra. Sumathra, she is a lil bit modern girl from her childhood n she love to wear jeans n tees. She love long hairs but she is not good at maintinaing such beautiful long hairs,so she used to maintain a short style that will suits her very well. Now she is having "FEATHER CUT" (most girls like to have it). When ever some one asks her about her marks in studies she used to say that due to spending less time on hair nly I'm able to concentrate on my studies very well :) :). Even though her hairs are short but they are very thick n jet black in color. The best style that makes her lovely face more lovable.

So as I said Sumathra is modern so dont think me as a Village girl. In Saru's opinion Hairs are the main attraction of every women n she believe it a lot. She is having long hairs reaching below waist n they are like NIAGARA waterfalls flowing from the top of the head towards her wonderful back. Her hairs are weavy ( at the roots it's straight n at the bottom they are lil bit curly) which makes look her hair more beautiful n attractive. She doesn't like to go for short haircuts n she used to give her hair a small trim at the ends. She maintained her hair very well with full nourishment.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Kanika the kerala girl's hair shaved by barber - story

Kanika's head is shaved by the barber. She is not crying actually she is happy about her headshave. She is not a short hair girl she had a long hair anfd she is from kerala, south India. Kanika suddenly wakeup from the sleep. She touch her hair is there or not. It's there then she is satisfied, then she look at the timing it's now 6 AM in the morning. Then she started for her studies. This dream is 3 time in this week. But she don't know the reason behind it. She is studying in 2 year BE in a private college. Her semester examination is started, that's why she is preparing. But the head-shave dream is disturbed little bit.

So she want to share her experience with her Mom, she got surprised but she said, no problem, it will stop other 1 or 2 days. So she also convince,but  next day the same time the dream comes, she wake-up at 6 am again. She got a confusion. She want to check any psychartist. She again spoke to her Mom, her Papa also there. So he said once you complete your exam, will go and check with the Physicisian, If the dream stops by the time no need to go to the Physicisian. But the dream is continues everyday exactly same time.

So she and her Papa went to hospital  in the semester leave. She told her dream to Physicisian. He listen everything and he asked when you are got shave you head last time. Kanika replied it's in her childhood about 8 years. He again asking you have any pending vow to any temple, she said no, but he again asking the same question please think for some time and tell me. She is thinking sometime and she said no. Physicisian said these is not a big problem, this dream will end in some days.  So don't worry about that. She satisfied about Physicisian's reply.

They came to home, she told everything to her mom, then her Mom said, you have one pending vow is there in our family temple, I prayed to god for if you get good score in 10th std you should shave your head at our temple. You got a good score in 10th but by the time in our family your uncle is passed away so I postpone your headshave and I forgot. Kanika got shocked and said then what we can do, check with the Physicisian what he can say about this. Next day she and Papa again went to the hospital and checked about this he said if you have any pending vow you can do. Kanika is asking if after my tonsure also the dream will come means what we can do? Physicisian said first finish the vow and check for sometime if this is continues will decide after that.

So their family is started their trip to their family deity.  They invite their relatives also for the function. Because every year all of their family members went to do the pooja in the temple and somebody shaves their head. This time it's Kanika's turn. Next day morning they reached the temple their family members are also came from other cities. Some 20 of the came for the pooja. Then everybody chat about their health and family. After sometime Kanika's Mom told about her daughter's headshave. They all are happy. By the time the barber came, so Kanika is went and sat in front the barber, all of her family members eagerly watch her tonsure. This barber is shaved her head in her childhood, so he remember her face, and he asked about her health and she said she is fine, then he is asking haircut, she said headshave, then he remove the rubber band from her hair, and he watches her long hair and he said you hair is very thick and long so you really want to shave, she said yes, then he smiled and said you have a brave heart. Kanika smiled, then he pour the water in her head and massaged her head properly. Her long hair is fully wet, then he took razor and put a new half blade and started shaving her middle of her head she is very shy because around her all of the family member are watching her tonsure. Her hair is felt in her lap, she is little bit of worry about her headshave, but she don't have choice, she is thinking about how to face her friends and neighbor with bald look, by the time her half of the head is bald, then the barber shaves her both side of the head. Next 5 mins she is completely bald, but the barber once again put the razor and shaves her head smoothly. Then he said your head shave is complete. She look at her bald look in the mirror, but she is not recognize herself. She touches her head and scratches her bald head completely. Then she left for her bath. Her Mom bring her to the well, and pour the water in her head and she wash her head with water. And she said your looks like beautiful Kanika, she smiled. After her bath she is wearing a yellow saree by the time her Mom applied the sandal her bald head. Then she only coordinating the pooja. After 2 to 3 hours everybody left the place and Kanika and her family reached to chenani. After her headshave her dream got stopped, she got very happy about that.

Preethi long hair cut story - Boy cut

Preethi was a school teacher .She always had long beautiful hair and was very proud of that .She always maintained her hair very well by taking oil bath etc during weekends ,even her friends and other teachers in school used to compliment her on hair .
She also had an anglo indian  friend who was english teacher in same school called Genilia who always had short boy cut .Many times even Genilia would give compliments to Preethi about her and some times for fun ask Preethi to cut her hair but Preethi always said she liked her hair long and they would joke about it
However Preethi was was very lower middle class back ground and only daughter to her parents  so she had to work  to support her family ,Now her mother was not getting good match for her marriage ,they very traditional family so horoscope matching was also required  so many times if horoscope matched then family would deman dowry so Preethi 's family was not able to give it
One day one proposal from very rich family called Bagre family for Preethi came and lucliky even the horoscope matched  so they fixed one sunday to come to Preethi's house to see her .

That day Preethi got up early took bath and sat down and he mother put her long hair into plaits and told her that this very big rich family so you will be lucky to accepted by them

Then door bell rang  and Preethi was inside only   and that family came and started speaking with Preethi's parents ,then Preethi's mother called her to bring coffee and snacks for guests ,Preethi was very shy and she came and gave guests snacks and tea and sat down .Slowly she observed that there were total of five members  including groom ,The Groom was handsome  and he had come along with his parents and brother and sister in law ,However she noticed some thing strange in the ladies both mother in law and sister in law were in BOYCUT!! but she was shy and did not ask questions ,Finally father in law asked Preethi if she would be interested in joining their factory and manage the accounts department .Preethi said whatever your wish i am ready ... Then mother in law said .."ok from our side but one condition since we are factory owners we always need to look different from workers  and also once when i cut my hair short our business improved so its lucky for us even our elder daughter in law also had haircut after marriage so you should also have haircut when you get married .." Hearing this Preethi  was shocked but did not say anything and guests left their house

Preethi mother was very happy but Preethi was not since she didnt like the condition of hair cut  both had arguements ,mother telling that this is good proposal  but Preethi not agreeing so Preethi' mother asked for some time

After some days Preethi was walking to school when sudddenly one big car stopped and one lady called her by name .At first she did not  recongnize her but later came to know that she Bagre family daughter in law Sahila who had come to her house the other day .Sahila called her inside car first Preethi refused but later sat inside .She noticed she had a driver as well .Sahila asked Preethi where she going and she replied that going to school Soon she started conversation Sahila told she is very happy with life all comforts she has now she going to shopping in car along with driver .

Then Suddenly Sahila asked Preethi hey near the Mall our regular beauty parlour is there i am going there to trim my hair you also can join me i will introduce you to her Preethi got bit angry and said she was not interested ..Sahila said ok no problem dear and told her that before marriage even she had long hair and was shy about haircut but after marriage now she is happy with all the comforts in her life ,then Preethi started thinking about her own life  but suddenly her school came  and asked Sahila to stop ,Sahila asked driver to stop and she got down and said bye .When she was about to enter her school her teacher friend Genilia was also there and asked how lucky you are  you came in car today and smiled at her

That night Preethi kept thinking about what to do and finally in the morning told her mother that she agreed to Bagre family proposal ,Preethi 's mother was very happy and told her she will look beautiful even in short hair

Then mother in law told that she must have hair cut before marriage ,Preethi was bit sad with this since she wanted to be long hair for her marriage but agreed
Then Sahila came over and took Preethi to beauty parlour  ,there she spoke some thing to beautician and introduced her ,Beautician smiled at her ,Then she made Preethi sit on chair and covered the mirror and told that she look at herself after her haircut  Preethi was very nervous then beautician made her hair into plait and took scissors suddenly Preethi felt snip snip at her back and after two minutes her long plait was in her hands now she was in bob cut ...Preethi asked its it over beautician and Sahila both smiled and said now you are in bob cut style but still need to get boy cut style so now i will wash your hair and then took her to wash basin and washed and shampooed her hair nicely and then starteed cutting layer by layer side to side Preethi was seeing hair falling down then after some time beautician asked Preethi to take her fingers through her hair and feel how short it is Preethi was nervous but agreed then she felt her short hair then she was shown her face in mirror she got not believe her own face she had complety changed she was in boy cut style now Sahila told her dont worry dear you will get adjusted to it then they left the beauty parlour and now told that for regular trimming both will come together then they first went to in laws house where mother in law gave approval and even future husband smiled at her then mother in law gave jewels as gift to her Preethi was surprised and happy

Later on she resigned from teacher job and got married and joined family business office and now she always is in boy cut style and slowly becoming modern she also seeing that its easy to maintain short hair so she is happy

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sharon Forced head shave story

Hi this Sharon i am doing my third year i had a long hair below my hip .
Am staying in my Grand fathers house as my Grand father is so strict and i am weak in my
studies in 6th semester he had warned me that if i got percentage less than 80
then he will punish me severely . Today is my result day i had a best friend her
name is soundarya she is better in studies than me so she came to my house with
the result news that time my Grand father is there in house only she told my result i
got 70% and she got 79%. Then my Grand father became so munch angry he scolded me so
much and he asked my brother who is studying 8th class told him the local barber
i was little why he ask him to call the barber came as my brother came with the
barber my Grand father told me to sit in backside of our house barber will come shave
your head i was standing speech less and he called me again the i asked my Grand father
not to shave my head he did not accepted for that and i cant do any thing so i
no alternate choice then he told to the barber to shave my head then the barber
came to the back side of our house my Grand father blackmailed me shave my head other
wise he will not pay my college fee so i agreed and crying. I sat down in front
of the barber and opened my hair. He started to pour water and massaged my head.
He inserted the blade and bent my head down, I thought there goes my hair,He
started the shaving, the scrape scape noise of the blade on my head i was crying
like anything but he didn't stop i have noticed a hair bun falling from my head
. He finished the back of my head and lifter my head, started the front,he
finished the front, turned my head to the side. He is moving my head down , up
side as per the barbers direction.He slowly finished on the side and my hair bun
fell down. He slowly finished on the side and my hair bun fell down, he turned
my head to the other side. He finished the other side too and I see the hair bun
falling down.I knew all my hair is gone now but i can't do anything then my
Grand father gave money to the barber and he asked me to go for bath. The next day
morning when i went college all my class mates laughed at me because i was
totally bald they asked why did u shaved u r head i told that this my vow in
temple so i shaved my head in local temple

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Monalisa The Indian girl Hair cut story

Monalisa finished college 2st year few days back. In her home, they had to daily braid Monalisa in college days as she had long hair. So they planned within all members that Monalisa should be given short haircut.
Some suggested she can be given shoulder length haircut. But her mother suggested she can be given be boy cut hairstyle so that we need not comb her long hair. They hinted at this idea to Monalisa who like her long hair very much. Monalisa argued she wont cut her hair. They scolded her for not agreeing for haircut. After a lot of aruguments, her mother told morning 10 am, we will be going to parlor for boy cut hair of yours. Monalisa saw her over mirror and seeing her long hair finally.

Monalisa went with her mother to a ladies beauty parlor around 10 o clock. She didn't speak to her mother on that day as she was fed up of losing her long hair. When they went in, Monalisa hands were shivering thinking about haircut and how she will look after. Two seats were there. One girl was being given eyebrow threading. Another girl was trimming her hair. Monalisa asked she too would trim and leave the parlor. By that time, threaded girl left the parlor and Hair dresser asked what needs to be done for this girl.Her mother said,cut it short like boy cut. Monalisa started to cry as she had no choice .Hair dresser asked very short  boy cut or medium boy cut. Her mother said medium boy cut.
Monalisa with red churidar and inverted tupatta had tied her hair in ponytail.  She went and sat in the chair. Hair dresser put a white cloth and tied it at her neck. Monalisa had tears running down. She sprayed
 water on her thick and long hair. Her mother said she should look like boy when she gets down.Hair dresser said don't worry she will be shortened as much as possible. Hair dresser made Monalisa neck to bend down.
 Monalisa was crying down with tears. Then she took scissors.chick..chick..chick..The sound of scissors heard by Monalisa was making her shivering. Hair dresser made her ponytail half the length. Within 2 minutes,She gave two ponytails cut from her long hair to mother. Her mother smiled and took it in her bag. Monalisa had her hair up-to shoulder where she had her ponytail tied previously. She had her bob cut  hairstyle now .Monalisa said to Hair dresser please leave like this, i am ok with bob cut, don’t cut it too short.

 Her mother and Hair dresser bent her head down and her loose bob hair was cut. As she had a deep neck cut in her chudi previously, now it became visible and neck is being shown now. Then Hair dresser came
 front and started to cut her front loose hair. Then Monalisa was made to turn left side and Hair dresser clipper-ed her side burns and her ears became visible. She was turned to right side and her hair was shortened around ears.Her mother came near the chair and said it keep this thickness and trim it at ends.

Monalisa did not see her face in the mirror till then. Now when she saw, she started touching her hair back and checked her length and shocked to see no hair at her neck. Meanwhile Hair dresser trimmed her back
 hair and made it straight like boys back hair. Then she came front and started combing her hair front and cut the length and made some hair to be shown in the front. Then she was shortened at her ears both left and right.  Her mother came near the chair and asked could you remove the hair on her face? Hair dresser said, shall i do threading?  No, can you shave her side burns and face. Monalisa said please leave me, i don’t like  shaving my face. Her mother said, if you don’t like shaving your face, she will shave your  head. Monalisa said please shave my face. Then Hair dresser took a razor and started shaving her side burns around her ears. She made Monalisa head to lie on the chair head and started shaving her face. Monalisa  felt the pain of razor on her dry skin. She was totally humiliated in the process. Then Hair dresser applied powder on her visible neck and shaved face. Monalisa finally got down and felt her short hair with her hands.  Her mother paid 100 rs to Hair dresser and Monalisa's visible neck with boy cut was seen by everyone on the way to home. She started to enjoy her short haircut finally after few days.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Ranjani long hair cut story

Ranjani have long and straight hair, it’s up to her thigh. But she will cut her hair short today. She is not interested to cut her hair. But her situation she need to cut short, she don’t have any option. And she is waiting in the parlor for her haircut. And she is keeping on touch her long hair with nervous mind. Her friend mithra is sitting along with her and she is convincing Ranjani, but she cried all the way. Other girls also watch her tearful eyes and longhair.

Roopa is staying in hostel and she is working in pvt company. She is having gorgeous curly hair. She asks her roommate to cut her long hair upto her neck. Her roommate Banu shocked her decision, and she is asking the reason for her haircut. But she is not said anything, she said pls cut my hair, I will said the reason after sometime. Banu got confused her decision. So she asks once again to Roopa, is you kidding or really want to cut your hair? Roopa said really I want to cut my hair, so pls  cut my hair upto my neck, and she gave the scissor. She sat infront of the mirror. Banu confused and get the scissor from Roopa, and she comb Roopa’s hair properly, then she put the scissor in her neck and she starts cut her long hair. By the time Roopa starts crying. But her long hair is gone. She is now bob haircut.
Beautician called Ranjani for haircut, both of them went inside the room, and Ranjani sit the chair, her friend mithra inform to the beautician for her haircut. Beautician asks what kind of haircut she needs, her friend mithra said boycut. Then the beautician cover her body with white cloth, and she pour water in her long hair. Then she comb her long hair properly. She took the scissor and starts cutting Gomath’s hair. Her long hair is gone she is in bob haircut. Then she put machine cut in her head, cut it short. All of her hair is gone within 5 mins. She is in boycut. Ranjani watch her new look and cried again. Then both of them leave the place. Ranjani’s friend mithra is asking why you cut your hair short? What is the reason behind it.
Ranjani telling her haircut reason to her friend mithra. Ranjani and Roopa are working in same company they are in the same department. In their department other 3 girls are their, they put bet with Ranjani and Roopa, the bet is if Ranjani got promotion they will cut their hair short, if in their group if anybody got promotion Ranjani need to cut her hair short crop and Roopa need to cut her hair bob style. All of them agreed this bet, because Ranjani is the top performer so she thought she will surely get the promotion, but due to some problem Ranjani is not get the promotion. The other girl got the promotion. So that both of them done their haircut.
Next day Ranjani and Roopa reached their office with new look, the other girls are laughing and ragging both. They are not cried by the time, both of them smiled and said, we are now got new life because of your team, otherwise we both maintains longhair. But after our haircut only we realize our beauty. So thanks for your bet. All of them shocked and they don’t have any words.  After this incident, Ranjani and Roopa cut their hair frequently. They maintain boy and bobcut.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Vineetha bald head after head shave

Vineetha’s marriage is love marriage, it’s not a surprising one. But she married her college professor, the age difference of both  of them is around 15 yrs. Because Vineetha age is 23 and and his husband Raja age is 38. So Vineetha’s parents not accepted her marriage, but she done her marriage in registrar office. Both of them started their marriage life happily at Coimbatore, because they left Chennai and she don’t want see their parents. After couple of months only the problem started, due to some ego clash, but there is no misunderstanding, Raja is feeling guilty due to their age difference, so he won’t come with outside, If he come with outside, most of them thought she is his daughter. This inferiority complex Vineetha got knows after a week, she want to convince her hubby, but he is not accept, and he replied I am feeling guilty. I wasted your life. But Vineetha said no it’s my wish to marry, not your compulsion, so we don’t want to bother about the public, we live our life. After her discussion also he is not convinced.
So Vineetha decides she want to match her age with Raja, so she quit wearing the modern dresses like churidar, jeans and skirt, and she bought lot of cotton sarees, and she want to put some weight also, after 3 months she got 5 kgs weigtht also she is wearing glass in her eyes, it’s look like little different, but he said don’t do these kind of things, pls do what ever you want, whatever you are doing your age will not match with me and your beauty will not decrease. But she said no, I will match with you within 3 months. After this changes and all she is not convinced because she missed something, she want to decrese her makeup also, but her beauty is still not decrease, so finally she decided, she want to tonsure her longhair. If she tell this to Raja he won’t accept, so one fine day, he went to college, she went to parlour, and she said to the beautician about her headshave. Beautician got surprised, because she is young age women and she trying to sacrifice her longhair, she asked why you want to shave your head madam, she replied, i don’t want to maintain such longhair it’s difficult to maintain, then she replied, so you can cut your hair short, but she said pls shave my head. So the beautician said ok, and she took Vineetha in to the room. After that what happened? It's headshave..... you can imagine whatever type of headshave it's upto readers choice.
Another half an hour she came with a nice bald head and wearing a specs, then she hide hair bald head with her saree and came to her home and took a bath. After bath she seen her face in the mirror, she cried a lot, but she thought she done if for her hubby, so she decided, she don’t want to cry for her hair. And she waiting for her hubby.
At 5 pm her hubby came, and he called Vineetha, she hide her bald head with saree and she is in the kitchen, she replied I am coming, then she come and stand infront of Raja, he seen her face and he want to find out difference in her face, and he is asking what happened to you, you are look like little different today, then suddenly she remove her sarree in her bald head, he got shocked, and asking why you done it, she said because of you. Raja got tensed and he cried a lot, she trying to convince, he hug and kissed her in her bald head. After that she said, so if both of them look like same , because, I lose my beauty, so there is no inferiority complex for you. Also she said, I don’t want to grow my hair long anymore, I will shave my head 3 months once. But he won’t accept for her decision, but she said, this is my decision. After her tonsure both of them live happily. Every 3 months she happily shaved her head for her hubby.